Media Relations

Establishing links with international media

In English, German, French, Spanish, Arabic and many other languages

We manage relationships with media companies all over the world to help you publish articles in foreign newspapers and magazines and broadcast adverts on foreign TV and radio.

The availability of native-speaking staff at our international offices allows us to help clients manage relations with the media in over 80 languages including German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese.

Here is a brief overview of our work process:

  • Our Press Officer identifies the factors to take into account to ensure a good presence in the media, such as the time and methods of publication, transmission on the basis of the demands of the client and the foreign target audience;
  • The Press Officer prepares the Media List (list of media and their contact details) making entries as specified by the client or identifying them independently;
  • Our interpreters send the proposals of publications/transmissions to the media in the Media List;
  • The media send the Media Kit with their proposals;
  • The Press Officers manage relations with the media, consulting with clients every step of the way;
  • The Press Officer sends the final media proposals and the client confirms these directly by signing any orders and contracts;
  • The Press Release is sent to the client once the contract has been agreed.