Agents, representatives, affiliates and SMG licensees

Studio Moretto Group is a dynamic and innovative translation company that is rapidly expanding in the international translation services market.

The ability to deliver much needed language services to markets around the world, and the opportunity to provide such services with quite an exceptional level of quality, prompt Studio Moretto Group to search for managers and vendors who are able to promote growth and seize promising opportunities for growth in their own areas.

Who are the key professionals we are looking for?

Agents and sales representatives able to offer SMG language services to customers.

The external trade network is a valuable tool to us and therefore, developing a positive working relationship which promotes the skills of the individual seller, is also a priority.

Licensees to develop and manage a local agency.
Studio Moretto Group has affiliate programs for existing language companies and professionals looking to enter the market for the first time. These programs allow them to grow professionally, whilst having the support of a leading brand in the industry. In fact, Studio Moretto Group’s affiliates receive a dedicated software package, as well as know-how, training, tools for marketing and sales coverage, and constant reviews of the quality produced.

Anyone interested in embarking upon evaluating a working relationship with our company should contact our Human Resources Department at