American English translation services

Support from our US company

Studio Moretto Group offers American English translation services brought to you by native speaking Americans.

By operating from our US base at the New York office (SMG USA) our company can maintain high linguistic standards when translating into American English. Translations tailored to the US market are produced by American English native speaking translators living in the States (so-called “In-land American native speakers”) as requested by the client.

Employing American native speakers improves the level of translation services for the US market. This is because historical events have resulted in America developing its own variety of English. It is different to British English and they are particularly proud of it.

American English even presents a variety of local vocabulary and slang which is constantly evolving. In consideration of this detail, our Group has developed the following specific service which is particularly useful for advertising or film communications:

  • Translation into Southern American English
  • Translation into New York English, to capture the essence of the “Big Apple”
  • Translation into Californian and “Silicon Valley” English