An Interview with Joe Allen, Commercial and Operations Director at Tech2O

Interview conducted by Nuala Steans

Today we are interviewing Joe Allen, Commercial and Operations director of Tech2O. Tech2O is an innovative company that supplies cutting edge television technology throughout Europe. Based in Leicestershire, the company has provided solutions for software companies, yacht manufacturers and hotels as well as residential, leisure and retail properties.  Tech2O has even provided bespoke underwater screens for use in Olympic swimming pools.

In your career, which was the most exciting project that you worked on, and which was the most challenging?
The most recent and exciting project is for sure the growth within our business which is due to the development of the expanding range of budget bathroom televisions which are taking the market by storm. We are offering high end technology, incorporating beautiful design throughout the whole of the range. We have taken bathroom televisions out of the luxury market and made them genuinely affordable. All products can be seen at

This for us is an exciting prospect and illustrates how we are moving into the future with a product that we really believe in.

Our most challenging projects are presented to us on a daily basis, anything from using our modern designs to compliment architectural historical projects marrying the new and the old. Supplying international clients with large orders as well as ensuring that we can meet the compatibility of technology required in each of the countries we deal with is also a challenge.

Where are you seeing the most growth in terms of demand?
The growth of our products can be seen in the retail market, construction industry and hotelier industry. In all of these areas there is a buoyant upward trend and a real selling eye opener due to the diversity and versatility of the product. This can be seen in various examples, one being an Italian Yacht interior design company who have used our televisions to bring a very different flavour to the design of their super yachts. Another example can be seen in hotel chains where the pure luxury of watching TV whilst bathing is very much a pastime of the future.

What was your most popular product in 2013?
Our most popular product has to be the Aquatek 19″ Classic bathroom television because of it sheer diversity of application and we believe is the most versatile ‘out of the box’ bathroom TV on the market. With its curved silver bezel and mirror tint finish, it has got the looks, as well as the integrated Digital Freeview TV and radio, high-resolution mist proof screen it has got the technology too!

What are your predictions for the market in 2014?
Our prediction for the market is that we can see an increase in sales especially with the launch of our Eurozone friendly website We are confident that with the correct advertising we can reach clients in Europe and in fact worldwide.   Clients can simply view our products online, see prices in their country’s currency and pay online to expect the goods to be delivered within 2-3 days.

Which countries do you sell to?
Our challenge is to tap into the worldwide market even though presently we have clients in Europe, The Middle East and the United States as well as Russia and India.

You recently used SMG UK Translations Ltd for their translation services, why did you decide to translate your communications and what was the outcome?
It has been a massive incentive for us to have our brochure text and website text translated into a number of different languages to expand on our customer base and at the moment we have been concentrating on French, Spanish, Italian and German to intercept international business. We have been extremely pleased with the service we have received from SMG UK Translations Ltd who have offered a fast, efficient, extensive range of language translations and are very much a one stop shop for us. We feel that we have been delivered a professional, helpful service in an area that is new to us as we are still a developing company.

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