SMG has adopted the following Environmental Policy, developed in consideration of the fact that it is a service company that is primarily engaged in office work and does not process materials or finished products.

  • Transport and transfers: the staff and suppliers of SMG favour the use of public transport for any work travel. The use of company and private vehicles is reserved for instances in which public transport is insufficient or does not guarantee that deadlines will be met.
  • Gas and electricity: SMG offices are equipped with energy- efficient lighting and heating systems. Ensuring compliance with legal insulation requirements, SMG maintains a commitment to energy conservation. Regular training sessions are provided to SMG staff on how to use the office heating and cooling systems as efficiently as possible.
  • Toner and printers: SMG responsibly recycles printer toner and cartridges through approved suppliers, demonstrating a commitment to environmentally sound disposal practices.
  • Paper: SMG regularly educates its staff on the importance of minimising paper consumption. To achieve this objective, the company adopts a dedicated management programme that enables the archiving of digital documents, thereby reducing reliance on paper documents. For printed promotional materials, SMG engages printing companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), ensuring adherence to international environmental standards.
  • Cleaning agents and products: SMG entrusts the cleaning of its offices to staff and companies that use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

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