Our professional translators: serving you since 1996

Specialist translations performed by experts in the subject matter

The translators in our offices around the world translate specialised texts in over 160 languages. Our professional translation services are already appreciated by such illustrious clients as the European Union, the French Court of Cassation and the Italian Defence. The translations are assigned to specialist native translators and are subjected to ISO 17100 and UNI EN 15.038 quality checks.

We manage the entire process internally, which means we are available 24/7 to respond to your requests and can ensure total confidentiality in handling all kinds of information. Our continuous interaction with clients also enables our translators to acquire a complete understanding of your needs and to produce very effective translations.

Studio Moretto Group has its own Language Research Institute, which studies the terminological developments of the main industries and the use of innovative processes and technologies to improve the accuracy, speed, security and quality of our service.

Urgent Translation Services

Urgent translation service and special prepaid agreement: We stay by your side even when the clock is ticking!

SEO translation

Our SEO translation service (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation) is a quality-oriented translation service specifically designed for your web material: we optimise web translations to meet the search engine criteria and gain better positioning and greater online visibility.

Sworn translation

Sworn and certified translations: an international service for all countries, carried out by the best sworn translators.

Classified translations

Our special Internal Security System guarantees the translation of documents with information classed as “Classified”, “Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret”


Translate your texts creatively with SMG's transcreation service to communicate with an international audience: specialised translation and creativity to promote your products and services abroad

Layout and graphics

Try Studio Moretto Group's Desktop Publishing (DTP) service: we can put together your commercial, technical and advertising translations in any language and graphics, ready for printing.

In addition to the creation of new layouts, we offer the correction and adaptation of already existing pages.


Our linguists and technicians specialized in audiovisual material are able to translate and implement in your video subtitles in any language you wish.

Translation for social media

Are you a creator, a marketing agency or a company active on social media that wants to communicate with a foreign audience?

Translate your social media content, such as posts, articles and graphics, to reach an international audience and localise it to go viral!

Computer assisted translations

We use the most advanced assisted translation systems (Computer Assisted Translation, or CAT, tools) to retrieve similar or repetitive texts from past translations so that we don’t have to translate them from scratch: this helps us to maintain uniformity in the style and terminology used and also to save time and reduce the costs of the service.

Revised automatic translation

Machine translation tries to imitate the human communication process, but is unable to analyse and understand fully the depth of our thinking.

Machine translation (MT) must therefore be edited and revised by expert translators and editors to avoid the serious inaccuracies and errors that are typical of MT.

Summary Translation

We synthesize huge amounts of information in a foreign language, to give you a weighted and well thought-out summary of their salient contents.


Text transcription service from audio/video or paper material in any language of the client’s choice. The service can be performed in real time, for example during assemblies and legal proceedings to be transcribed immediately.

Technical and industrial translations

Specialist translations by industry experts and optimisation of terminology for the subject matter.

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Scientific Translations

Professional multilingual translation in the fields of medicine, biology, chemistry and other sciences.

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Legal Translations

Translation, by legal experts, of contracts and other legal documents, including sworn translations and legalisation services.

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Financial Translations

Professional and accurate translation of banking, insurance and accounting texts.

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Administrative translations and translations for public administration

Translation services for offices and sections of the public administration.

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Translations for the agri-food sector

The experience gained in the SMG group with the company SMG Meeting means we can offer expert translators with many years of experience for your agri-food translations.

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Translations for retail and e-commerce

Expand your business abroad by translating your e-commerce texts or retail store sales and advertising material into a foreign language.

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Translations for marketing

Multilingual advertising translations, cultural adaptation and localisation of websites and marketing material.

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Translations for Tourism

Communications for hotel chains, restaurants and for regional marketing. Linguistic and cultural lcalisation of tourism-oriented content.

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Translations for entertainment

Translations for film, entertainment, television and now even gaming.
If you are a content creator and you want your content to be accessible to an international audience, put your trust in our expert native translators!

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Publishing Translations

Services for the international publishing industry: translation and proofreading of books, magazines and brochures.

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Translation for Sport Sector

SMG provides professional translation services in foreign languages for the world of sport.

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Our translation process

We have a network of offices and subsidiary companies in Europe and South America. In-house translators work in our language centres alongside our project managers. A network of qualified freelance translators allows us to cope with peak workloads which cannot be handled internally.

Clients can rely on the support of an assigned Project Manager (PM) with subject matter expertise, who is responsible for:

  • providing technical and language support;
  • managing translation projects by coordinating technical and language resources;
  • receiving feedback and optimising the service.

Expert advice

The Project Manager assists the client before, during and after the service, and offers expert advice on choice of register and terminology, localisation, page layout, graphics, format, as well as the subsequent processing and printing of the document.


The Project Manager assigns the job to an in-house native translator with subject-specific qualifications and professional experience. Each client can rely on a number of translators, thus ensuring prompt replacement of the first assigned, in the event of unavailability for whatever reason. Clients may also ask to contact the translator directly to discuss particular issues related to the job in progress.

Expert translators

Native speakers: in order to ensure the highest quality translations, we employ native translators with proven expertise, with trusted in-house and freelance experts all over the world.
Specialists: we employ translators who are experts in translation techniques and specific subjects, which ensures appropriate style and use of terminology.
Quality proven over time: we employ translators who meet the following requirements:

  • degree/diploma in Languages, Translation, Interpreting and/or in the subject related to the required translation.
  • At least 3 years’ experience.
  • An adequate level of quality, ascertained through admission tests and confirmed over the course of the collaboration with SMG Languages; each translation is corrected and assessed by a second translator (revisor) before it is delivered to the client.

Training and awareness

The PM analyses the text for translation and provides the translators involved with any reference material, as well as a style guide containing indications on the context, register, purpose of the document and various terminological aspects. We are happy to organize briefings with clients in which they can outline their requirements and provide clear instructions. In order to produce an accurate translation, our PM (and translators) liaise with the author of the text to resolve any issues that may arise during the translation.

Guaranteed terminology

The translator refers to official terminology databases and sector publications to draw up a customised glossary that ensures uniform terminology for the job assigned and any future translations for the same client. The objective statistical results obtained guarantee accurate and targeted translations.

The PM collects the reference material provided by the client and from our Internal IT System and distributes it to the translators and revisors involved in the project. The translation team creates glossaries for each client and updates them before, during and at the end of each project. Terminology research is carried out in compliance with the Terminological Research Protocol presented at our conferences in Brescia (2010) and Gardone Riviera (2012). Translation memories and CAT tools (Across, Trados, etc.) retrieve repetitions and closely matching texts from past translations, which ensures considerable savings in both time and costs for our clients.


Our clients receive a perfectly finished product that has been approved by one of our expert revisors. Our quality checks are certified ISO 17100 and UNI EN 15038.

Before delivery to the client, every single translation is checked in ‘revision’ mode (in accordance with UNI EN 15 038), with reference to the source text, by a second translator revisor. Translations that are sufficiently accurate but that require tweaks in syntax, lexicon or style then undergo further revision in ‘review’ mode (proofreading of the target text).

The translators at SMG Languages are assessed for every job they deliver based on specific criteria, including: Comprehension, Syntax, Lexicon, Formatting, General Knowledge, Cultural alignment with the target audience, Punctuality and Professional Ethics. These continuously updated assessments of all our translators allow the PMs to identify the right person for the job in hand and to plan the level of revision required for their work. Having received the corrected translation, the PM:

  • refers the changes made by the revisors and any feedback to the translator.
  • contacts the client to resolve any open issues.
  • sends the final translation with any notes to the client.

Graphics and special formats

Graphic adjustments for foreign audiences, hyperlinks, multimedia processing and many other special services make our translations a truly effective means of communication.


Our translation services are certified by UNI EN ISO 17.100.
SMG was one of the first translation companies to be certified by UNI EN 10.574.
In 2008 we achieved the accreditation of UNI EN 15.038 for linguistic quality, replaced in 2006 by UNI EN ISO 17100.
Studio Moretto Group is a linguistic services company certified by URS and UKAS.

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Our technology supporting the translation process


We supply translations directly in the electronic format requested by the client, such as InDesign,
AutoCAD or FrameMaker.

Translation memories

Our assisted translation service provides the possibility to analyse and archive texts which
have been translated in the past in order to retrieve repetitive parts (instead of translating them from scratch), thus supplying faster translation services, reducing the costs and standardising

Integrated content management

The use of specific computer systems allows us to manage and control the entire production cycle, verify and validate multilingual corporate content and introduce these solutions at the premises of the client. Our editorial systems have the following features:

  • technical writing of texts according to given editorial standards, thus maximising the effectiveness of communication and reducing subsequent translation work.
  • Management of translation memories in different languages and numerous import/
    export formats.
  • Control and standardisation of terminology.
  • Content management in various layouts and publishing formats.
  • Multi-media communication tools.
  • Planning, monitoring and controlling the editorial cycle.