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Studio Moretto Group is an international translation agency: we can provide you with expert linguistic services in over 160 languages, thanks to our international offices spanning over many different countries and our highly qualified, native speaking staff.

Assisting you 24/7: our worldwide network of offices means that we can work day and night and every day of the year, thanks to a highly skilled, local workforce of native speakers and to one of the most advanced technical infrastructure in the translation industry.

We translate, talk and write in thousands of different languages because our family is huge… it spans all over the world!


SMG UK Translations Limited

107-111 Fleet Street, office n. M7,
London, Greater London, EC4A 2AB United Kingdom
Tel: + 44 (20)80894870




Calle 47D #81A-17 Int. 201
Barrio La Floresta
Medellin, Colombia

Tel: + 57 42046577



France smg languages

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Studio Moretto Group Srl

Via Cefalonia 70 - 25124 Brescia, Italia
Tel: +39 (0)30 2452916
Fax: +39 (0)30 2449952



Studio Moretto Group Branch in Spain

Calle Moiá 1, 2pl - 08006
Barcellona, Spain

Tel. 0034 937379330



Studio Moretto Group America Sac

Strategic offices

SMG supports its customers by organising, either for them or with them, linguistic centres in far places. In the following key regions, SMG coordinates affiliate offices and consultants in order to enhance the skills and local resources of the Group.

East Europe and Russia

Our important contacts.

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From New York to California.

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Latin America

After the Peru project.

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France and Germany

The Berlin experience.

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Middle East

Presence in a hot spot.

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East Asia

Not just Chinese.

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Multilingualism and multiculturalism: the roots of an international translation agency

Studio Moretto Group is a translation agency with an international vision.

Relying on the professionalism of human resources from all over the world, SMG understands language and cultural differences and respects diversity. Its in-house international team is multicultural in itself and this is reflected in the very flexible approach that the agency takes when managing orders and dealing with clients. This means that SMG does not only understand languages but also the cultural element of communication, and acts accordingly.

In particular, SMG has gained considerable practical experience in dealing with diverse cultures over the years through cooperation with regional authorities and local governments in Italy. It is a well-known fact that, Italy is made up of regionally diverse populations, which are increasingly multi-ethnic, including a wide range of nationalities. An example of how SMG can adapt to the client’s specific needs and overcome linguistic  and cultural difficulties can be seen in the fact that SMG recently delivered  translation services from a minor Moroccan dialect, which thanks to its well-established network of translators, meant the company met the needs of the client, enabling them to overcome the cultural and linguistic barriers which otherwise would have been present.

SMG offices around the world employ prevalently local people in their project management departments, to enable the client to converse with contacts of their own culture and to receive language services provided using translators and interpreters residing in the target nations. This approach is the result of a clear understanding of the importance of cultural differences and adaptability to the needs of the client.

Managing diversity and difference is indeed part of the daily work of SMG employees who, brought together by their passion for languages and cultures, are particularly able to motivate and efficiently manage language staff coming from their same ethnic and cultural background.

As a matter of fact, the company also invites its personnel to take part in cultural activities such as writing articles for the online language and internationalization blog. As a way of showing respect towards diversity, the company encourages its employees to share and write about different backgrounds, cultures and traditions, embracing diversity by using corporate media.

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