The social responsibility of our translation centre

All the Studio Moretto Group offices with utmost regard for their social surroundings and actively engage in local development.
This positive approach also provides advantages for our clients: given the intellectual nature of the services we provide, the wellbeing of our personnel is an essential prerequisite for ensuring quality.

Key aspects of our social commitment

Working conditions

Our staff enjoy the security of contract-based employment. Studio Moretto Group is not a typical agency that makes exclusive use of freelancers; rather, it is a language centre with a solid, motivated and well-trained in-house team.

Industry Code of Ethics

Signed by our company in the best interests of all our clients and stakeholders.

Commitment to the Academic world

Boasting an internal Language Research Institute, Studio Moretto Group has been working alongside various Italian and internatinal universities since 2004, organising seminars, workshops and research initiatives.