Language services for Germany

Technical assistance in the German language

Our German translation office SMG Deutschland, provides the following language and business services in Germany: an efficient solution for businesses which want to become international and overcome the German language barrier.

  • Client research and contact in Germany. Our staff will then translate the office correspondence and help you with interpreting services and also with keeping already existing contacts;
  • Technical, legal and advertising translations between German and other languages such as Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish etc. Professional translation services in English and German;
  • Localisation of Web sites and advertising translations suitable for Germany. For more information about localisation services click here;
  • English interpreters in Germany for business negotiations and conferences. English and German interpreters in Berlin, Monaco, Stuttgart, Zurich etc;
  • German language business staff: specially designed and personalised language training courses.


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