International SEO

Greater visibility on foreign markets

We boost our clients’ presence on international markets by managing SEO activities for web visibility, PR with media and social marketing in over 80 languages.

The staff at our offices on local markets provide advice for advanced international SEO campaigns.

In particular, we can provide international SEO services in:

  • British or American English, respectively for the British or USA market;
  • German, specific to Germany, Austria, or Switzerland;
  • French, prepared in line with the francophone reference market both in Europe and Africa;
  • Iberian or American Spanish, distinguishing between the local variations spoken in South America such as Argentina, Chile, Peru etc.;
  • Portuguese, Europe or Brazilian, adapted to Portugal or Brazil;
  • Russian for presence in Russia and in Post-Soviet countries;
  • Arabic, in consideration of the significant differences between local variations such as Egyptian, Saudi, Algerian and Moroccan;
  • Chinese, localised for positioning in China;
  • Japanese and other Asiatic languages.

These activities can include international SEO

Strategic Web marketing plan

Helping our clients identify what they want to promote on the foreign market, how and when.

Choice of keywords for Web communication

  • What are the key concepts of the product/service?
  • What words/expressions do the competitors use?
  • What words/expressions do potential foreign clients use for online research?

Optimisation of website content

The pages of your website can be optimised via a series of operations including:

  • The strategic insertion of key words selected in the analysis stage;
  • Use of a clear logical and syntactic structure that is clear, correct and informative;
  • Use of visual elements corresponding to the logic of web communication and conforming to the norms of the markup languages (bold type, italics, titles, paragraphs, bullet points, etc.).



Optimisation of metatags (title and description in particular) on the basis of the keywords.

Link building

This activity has the purpose of increasing the number and quality of inbound links, also known as back links (links leading from an external site to the page/domain that you intend to sponsor) in order to increase your Domain Authority.

There are different techniques for increasing the number of inbound links, including subscription to the sector directory or to sites dedicated to article marketing or blogging. The quality of the links is measured on the basis of the reliability of the site in which these are inserted. Links leading to your site from reliable and popular web pages are more valuable than links from unknown sites.

Advance indexing on foreign search engines

Advance operations on the level of URL, IP servers and XML Site Maps.

ADWords campaigns

Monitoring the results

The production of regular reports that show the positioning of the website pages with respect to the key searches of the users in the main search engines and various languages.

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