Bilingual and Trilingual Hostesses

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) provides bilingual and trilingual hostesses and interpreters for trade fairs and conferences.

We employ staff from where the event will take place. Trade fair hostesses are available both in Italy and abroad in large cities where major trade shows take place such as Milan, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Las Vegas or Paris.

If a client requests a service too late and it is not possible to use our local staff, SMG UK can still provide external hostesses and interpreters.

These different types of services are available:

  • Hostesses without foreign languages: these employees are responsible for assisting clients and suppliers in situations where the knowledge of a foreign language is not required, for example for promotions at showrooms or welcoming participants to a national conference.
  • Bilingual or Trilingual Hostess (with one or two foreign languages respectively): for multilingual reception assignments, showroom and conference assistance and linguistic support at your stand for an international trade show;
  • Hostesses with more than two foreign languages: an effective solution for linguistic assistance in relations with multiple international interlocutors;
  • Liaison Interpreters: staff specialised in linguistic assistance and business and legal negotiations. While a hostess manages the communication of non-specialist subjects, (welcoming the foreign interlocutor, registering his/her details and presentation of a product on the basis of information given) the Liaison Interpreter is there specifically for the interpretation of technical speeches;
  • Correspondents in foreign languages for business relations: SMG UK provides translators and interpreters on a continual basis, aiding the management of every day business relations with clients and foreign suppliers. For further information, visit the page Foreign Services Package or directly contact our secretary;


Whatever your needs, we recommend you make an appointment to see us or call us before your event in order to inform our hostess or interpreter of the product or services you require.

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