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Accurate glossaries organised by sector and by customer are the basis of a good translation as they ensure terminological uniformity in the texts.

On this page, we indicate the main glossaries developed in collaboration with our centre of linguistic research (CLR), which are regularly used for our multilingual translations. This is a data bank containing more than 45,000 entries.

In addition to the following terminological areas, our linguistic research has considered numerous other sectors: for more information, please contact our offices directly.



  • Civil engineering and railway.
  • Energy: alternative sources, cogeneration and turbo generation.
  • Machine tools, presses and industrial automation.
  • Safety Manuals.
  • Advertising communication of web sites.
  • Agriculture; firearms.
  • Hydrothermal systems and valves.
  • Furniture; Food and oenology.


  • Budgets and accounts.
  • Dictionary of Banking.
  • Administrative language for European projects.
  • Management terminology.


  • Cardiology.
  • Dentistry.

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