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Studio Moretto Group has an IT-Web Department that has worked together with the Language Department since 2012 in projects for the management of human relations and international web content: we have worked on websites and web platforms designed to attract foreign audiences, to provide targeted recommendations for products and ideas, to manage information and organise processes for managing customer relations in in situations of economic and cultural systems that differ from ours..

This intense work has allowed our company to specialise in web creation focusing particularly on the technical and practical issues that arise when operating abroad and managing data and systems designed with different logics. Therefore, the strength of SMG lies in our experience in creating IT and web systems to manage human relations, multilingual content and work processes in multicultural environments.

Our web activity focuses on the development of:

  • Websites, portals and individual web pages (landing pages and social pages) designed to meet the specific technical and cultural requirements of the foreign audience and be compatible with client’s existing systems.
  • Integration between institutional websites, social media and other information flows of interest.
  • Solutions for the promotion of web content, through SEO techniques that involve writing consistent with the search engines logic used in the target foreign country or through SEM techniques, such as, in some countries and contexts, AdWords campaigns.
  • Systems for managing business relationships, from approaching potential customers to sales, after-sales service and maintaining customer loyalty.
  • Applications for translating massive content in real time, such as internal information, data from customers, the sales force or the operating context.
  • Systems for retrieving and managing international information, such as platforms that perform the targeted collection, translation, evaluation, organisation and dissemination of information.

Creation of a landing page in a foreign language


landing page is a web page designed and optimized using SEO techniques with the aim of promoting a particular service/product.
This instrument aims to attract the largest number of visitors possible, usually inviting them to perform actions (call to action)such as filling out a request for information or a quote, in order to increase the rate of conversion of visits into actual customers: the best method of successful marketing without leaving the office.

Our service for creating a landing page in a foreign language comprises:

  • Purchase of a dedicated domain on behalf of the client;
  • Creation of the landing page in a foreign language, including graphics and a form for requesting quotes;
  • Advanced SEO for the strategic positioning of the landing page on the web market of reference;

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