Our many years of experience in the agri-food sector makes Studio Moretto Group the ideal multinational language services provider under our brand SMG Food.

We have supported companies and institutions since 1996, with translationinterpreting and multilingual content management services for large-scale distribution, Horeca and agriculture, guaranteed by the international quality certificates ISO 17.100 and ISO 9001.

Translations for the food industry

Translations for the food industry with ISO 17.100 and UNI EN 15038 certified quality. For example, we translate food and wine labels, quality certificates, technical documentation, websites and other content related to the agri-food sector.

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Interpreting for agri-food conferences, culinary events and food fairs.

Our services include simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, chuchotage and remote interpreting via web conferencing platforms.

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Terminological research and Glossaries

We use specialised glossaries created using computational linguistics and covering terminology and vocabulary specific to catering, banqueting and the food and wine sector in general.

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Text localisation

Localisation and cultural adaptation of texts and specialist translations for the agri-food industry: professional language support to optimise your message in line with the cultural peculiarities and paradigms of your foreign audience.

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DTP (Desktop Publishing) service to adapt translations and multilingual material to the graphic layout of food labels, agri-food product lists and other graphic formats in the food sector.

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Translation service and insertion of foreign language subtitles and captions for commercial videos, presentations, interviews and other corporate videos in the food and wine sector.

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Conference and simultaneous interpreting systems

SMG provides equipment rental services for food and wine events and agri-food fairs, including interpreter booths, translation consoles, audience receivers, portable guided tour systems, audiovisual systems, microphones, LED walls, etc.

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Our key clients

Expo Milan 2015
DAC S.p.A.
Ambrosi S.p.A.
Vorwerk Italia
Guido Berlucchi & C.
National Institute of Agricultural Economics (INEA)

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Case Study - SMG Food

Milan Expo 2015: organisational suppport and language services for Unioncamere Sicilia and Regione Lombardia

Over 14,000 hours of work, 142 hostesses and stewards, Institutional language and terminology

On 1 May 2015, the World Expo, which takes place every five years, began in Milan, this edition on the theme ‘Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life’. As many as 137 countries participated as exhibitors and there were more the 22.2 million visitors from all over the world in the six months of the exhibition.

SMG Food provided language, communication and event planning services for the projects and conferences held during the Universal Exposition by two major public bodies – Regione Lombardia and Unioncamere Sicilia.

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Specifically, in the case of Unioncamere Sicilia, we provided organisational and linguistic support for the project ‘Your Gate to Sicilian Excellence’, aimed at promoting traditional and fine quality Sicilian products.

Studio Moretto Group provided translation services in English, Spanish, French and German for all the written information on the project, as well as interpreting services at its stand in the Italy Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015, for meetings pitching Sicilian agri-food products to international buyers. Our 142 hostesses and stewards attended all the events, providing linguistic and organisational support.

There were also:

  • 11 exhibition areas and workshops around Sicily
  • 6 incoming missions in various provinces to promote contacts with entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector
  • 1 video reportage featuring the numerous photographs and interviews gathered during the various meetings.

In support of the Lombardy Regional Authority, Studio Moretto Group
helped to organise several international conferences including one relating
to the Rurbance project, held on 6 May 2015 in the Italy Pavilion.
The project studied and developed a sustainable economic development
model combining the dynamism of metropolitan areas with the potential of natural resources and know-how from rural and mountainous areas.

The Regional Authority entrusted SMG Food with the numerous interpreting services during the various meetings, as well as the creation of coordinated graphics and the preparation of press reviews in English and Italian.

Due to the institutional nature of the conference, the specific terminology of the agri-food sector and the complexity of the topics covered, the experience and professionalism of our specialised translators was essential to ensuring the international success of the event for our client.


DAC Spa: language research for food terminology transalated ad hoc

Translations of food products never translated before, strict
deadlines, variety of formats managed

Since 2016, Studio Moretto Group provides language services under its brand SMG Food to DAC S.p.A., a leading Italian food distribution company for the catering industry.

For example, we were responsible for the English translation of catalogues detailing the many food products sold by this top quality company.

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This service required special terminological analysis, as most of DAC’s food products are typically Italian and are unique to Italian tradition and culture, and therefore are unfamiliar to foreign readers. Many of the ingredients used, such as some types of meat and fish, had never been officially translated before.

It is precisely in cases like this, where there are no previous versions to refer to, that extensive research is needed to produce ad hoc translations by identifying the most appropriate vocabulary that best describes the products to potential foreign consumers.

When it comes to top language services, quality and accuracy must go hand in hand, as they are among the defining factors that companies like DAC take into consideration when choosing a service provider. The extensive experience of Studio Moretto Group’s specialised translators guaranteed full satisfaction for our client, offering creative and effective translations, all within the tight deadlines required.

A further bonus of our language services for the catering sector is the great variety of digital formats we can work with for our translations. In the case of DAC, we used state-of-the-art CAT Tools to translate, revise, adapt and page-set the texts in InDesign documents.

SMG Food has been chosen by:


  • Ambrosi S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Blue Sky Botanics Ltd (UK)
  • Elior Group SA (France)
  • Distillerie Franciacorta S.p.A. (Italy)
  • La Piadineria Srl (Italy)
  • Caffè Cagliari S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Cantina Bellavista S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Serum Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Sodexo Italia S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Grandi Molini italiani S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Prodotti Stella S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Casearia Bresciana Ca.Bre SCA (Italy)
  • Macinazione Lendinara S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Prontofoods S.p.A. (Italy)
  • G.A.T. S.p.A. (Italy)
  • Adesso Pasta Srl (Italy)
  • Be Food Srl (Italy)
  • Agri Trade Srl (Italy)
  • Foodex Srl (Italy)
  • Lattughino Srl (Italy)
  • Marangoni Cioccolato Srl (Italy)
  • Risto Team Srl (Italy)
  • San Giorgio Srl (Italy)
  • Za.Be. Srl (Italy)


  • Lombardy Regional Authority (Italy)
  • Aosta Valley Regional Authority (Italy)
  • Veneto Regional Authority (Italy)
  • Unioncamere Sicilia (Italy)


Research centres

  • Centro Studi Assaggiatori (Italy)
  • Istituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano Srl (Italy)

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