What are CAT Tools for assisted translation?

Our assisted translation service using CAT Tools is based on the storage and analysis of previously translated texts in order to retrieve the repeated sections instead of translating them again from scratch. This enables us to offer faster translation services, save on costs to the client and constantly improve the quality of translations.

Unlike machine translation (which unsuccessfully and riskily attempts to re-produce translations, replacing the human translator), Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) is based on the storage of previously translated texts and the subsequent retrieval of their repetitive parts without having to re-translate them each time. Using specific software called CAT Tools, ‘copy-paste’ operations of repetitive parts of texts that were manually performed in the past can today be carried out automatically.

Furthermore, CAT Tools enable us to check and correct previous translations before inserting them into the new text, giving us the chance to improve the quality of texts because previous translation solutions provide the starting point. For example, the conscious use of CAT tools produces higher terminological consistency across documents as translators have constant access to previous reference texts and extremely useful glossaries.

Our translation services using CAT tools

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) judges when to use CAT tools to improve the quality of translation services and reduce the time taken and costs for translating.

Our Language Research Institute (CRL) has conducted extensive research into the use of CAT tools and we believe that they can only be used successfully in certain working conditions. Unlike those who support the use of CAT tools for any translation, at SMG UK we believe that CAT tools can be efficiently used while maintaining quality under the following conditions:

  • If the texts are extremely repetitive;
  • If the client requests proofreading and revision services for the recovered parts to check that the translator has updated them (for example, in the case of technical manuals where any product codes, sizes, etc. must be updated);
  • If the client provides previous reference translations that have already been corrected and validated.

If these three general conditions are not respected, SMG UK reserves the right to refuse the provision of assisted translation services.

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