Explanatory translations

Explanatory translations are furnished with specific information aimed at drawing the client’s attention to major differences:

  • In legal texts, explanatory translations highlight the differences between the legal systems and legislation of the country of the original document and those of the client’s country, helping to identify possible traps and avoid the risk of unsuitable terminology.
  • In technical texts, explanatory translations highlight references to foreign standards that are not in use in the client’s country and provide information as to possible equivalence with national standards.
  • In tourism and cultural texts, explanatory translations makes the contents immediately accessible to the user, by translating not only the words but also the intention and communicative strength of the message, in a similar way to the translation of advertising texts.

Depending on the type of text, our linguists will enter explanatory sections directly in the translation or as comments (translator’s notes), or will attach a separate document to the translation with explanations or relevant notes, written with the guidance and help of our experts in the various sectors.

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