Reaching gamers around the world with SMG's video game translations

Drawing on the extensive expertise accumulated over thirty years in the world of sci-tech and entertainment, Studio Moretto Group has expanded its services by engaging native translators who are experts in the gaming sector to support the global distribution of video games through its new video game localisation service, available in over 160 languages.

The gaming industry has experienced a huge increase in popularity in recent years all over the world, and thousands of games are released every day by the different production companies.

In an increasingly global market and with the rapid spread of digital distribution services, such as Steam and Green Man Gaming, today all video game creators — from industry giants to the countless indie studios (independent game developers) — can make an international name for themselves, reaching an increasingly wide audience.
And what better way to do this than to start translating their games into the target countries’ official languages?!

The best specialist gaming translators are here to help

Our team of experts is made up of expert linguists who can translate all your video game texts and content, from in-game descriptions and dialogue to all commercial and advertising content created for the promotional campaign.

What’s more, SMG’s writers and dubbers are available to offer professional support in interpreting dialogue and/or producing flawless voiceovers, which is crucial for ensuring that added touch of magic to your epic adventures.

Your audience of gaming enthusiasts will get what they have always dreamed of: hearing their favourite characters speak in their own language!

Find out all the details on our audiovisual services page:

Audiovisual services for gaming

We provide expert translations for the following types of video games:

Adventure video games
Action video games
Role-play video games
Simulation video games

Sports video games
Strategy video games
Party games
Casual games

Puzzle games
Musical video games
Educational video games

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