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SMG UK Translations Limited is the British language services agency owned by the multinational Studio Moretto Group, which has been offering its services to some of the world’s leading companies and institutions for over twenty years, including the European Union, Beretta, the French Ministry of Justice and Armani.

The agency is located in central London, on Fleet Street, in the city’s legal and financial district. From here, we manage your translation projects employing qualified native translators in the group’s offices all over the world, in particular in Spain, Italy and Latin America.

Driven by the vitality of the great city of London and with all the strength of a multinational group, we provide high quality specialised translation and interpreting services, the result of our actual presence in the world and over twenty years’ experience.

We believe that successful delivery of the highest quality translation services requires actual presence in the country where the language is spoken, specialized translators and the capacity to interact with them on the basis of a common goal. We are one of just few multinational translation agencies in the world, firmly established internationally since 2007, open to the future and driven by a passion for quality.

We are there on the ground with your foreign clients and partners. We look forward to welcoming you to our London office!

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Are you looking for a translation agency? Do you want true British English?

SMG UK is the London translation agency that assures you the quality of true British English, quite simply because it is our native language.

Many in the world think that British English is a strange, old-fashioned language, a bit like our old castles or a Jane Austen novel. It is a complex language, with one of the richest vocabularies in the world, and trust us, it cannot be imitated by translators who are not British native speakers!

If you want to foster relations with your clients in the UK, it will be easier to gain their trust if you avoid messing up your British English. At SMG UK, we are proud of our local identity and will be delighted to share our secrets with you, starting precisely from the magic of language.


SMG UK Translations Limited

107-111 Fleet Street, office n. M7,
London, Greater London, EC4A 2AB Regno Unito

Tel: + 44 (20)80894870



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Why London?

The UK is a fantastic tapestry of scenery, cultures, languages and visions. The product of thousands of years of history that have extended far beyond its borders, today it is home to a great number of cities and large industrial centres. So why did we choose London as the home of our translation agency?

London is the big dream of many people around the world; it is not just a major economic centre. Here, people still believe in doing good in the world; they have hope and live life with great enthusiasm and respect for others. Of course, London is now much more than a British icon: it is a symbol of internationality and enterprise, which is precisely why we like it so much!

The SMG UK translation agency has chosen London to welcome you to the UK and to take you out into the Big World.

Main functions of our translation agency

  • UK Translation and Interpreting Office;
  • UK sales office;
  • Human Resources selection centre for British English translation;
  • Desktop Publishing Department