Your international communication Platform

SMG Desk is your platform for intelligence services, editing, translating and publishing; you can also monitor the progress of your projects, as well as store and share documents and glossaries.

Here are the advantages provided by the SMG Desk platform:


  • On-line orders;
  • Estimates within 4 hours;
  • Online support 16 hours a day, every day.


  • Visualize the progress of your orders;
  • Monitor count, cost and discount statistics.


  • Texts and information handled in a protected environment;
  • Configuration of employees’ access profiles;
  • Our Platform can be integrated with your Web and Intranet systems in absolute safety.


  • We recover similar sentences from your archive texts and discount them for new translations;
  • We provide Limited Offers with up to 60% discounts.

It’s all in your hands

  • Your offices can access a glossary of our translations.
  • Share our multilingual phrasebook.
  • Find your texts archived on our platform for future needs.
  • Texts can be extracted in any format: InDesign, HTML, AutoCAD, etc.
  • Editing tools and format convertors.
  • Use systems to standardize terminology, editing and translation.
  • Interface our platform with your management and translation software.
  • Get real-time business translations directly in your e-mail.
  • Access interpreting services on your tablet or smartphone, wherever you are in the world.
  • Receive information and articles that are relevant for your business from abroad.


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