Studio Moretto Group offers linguistic intelligence services which deal with multilingual information research, trend analysis, and management of complex communication strategies.

These services are particularly beneficial to companies and institutions that communicate internationally and that need to understand and interact with what’s going on in other countries, where many different languages are spoken and where customs and the ways people communicate are often very different from your own. It is worth being able to identify news, trends and really relevant information from a large amount of data.

With 20 years of experience of our Language Research Institute behind us, Studio Moretto Group is pleased to be able to offer the following international information services:

Terminology Analysis

Analysis of terminology supported by objective statistical evidence.

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Areas in a situation of crisis

Project management for rare languages and secrecy procedures.

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Project Management

Efficiency of work and advanced systems for computational linguistics.

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International news

Finding, certifying and publishing information.

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Creating important experiences for your global clients.

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