International news services

Studio Moretto Grop provides international news research services for marketing and for your press bureau.

Through its linguistic intelligence service, SMG carries out research and market analysis and identifies international news from the Internet that is relevant to your business.

Using mother-tongue personnel in our foreign offices and specific language technology systems, we can search Internet channels in countries that interest you and extract product information, trends and phenomena which meet precise criteria of importance and relevance.

This linguistic intelligence activity is particularly useful in providing the following

  • A daily round-up of news and web articles on an area of interest. This selection of news can help you to find your feet on a foreign market. You can use the selected news and articles in the different business media that you use; for example, they can appear on your website or you can use them in newsletters for clients or suppliers. This allows you to keep your website up to date and therefore more authoritative, without you needing to devote time and internal resources to researching and writing new content.
  • Internet-based sentiment analysis: analysis of the perception by foreign customers of a product or theme.
  • Researching opportunities in foreign markets, such as identifying clients, suppliers, potential agents and business opportunities.
  • Production of newsletters, reports and publications: according to your preference, we can prepare information material to better present our research results.

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