Computational linguistics: the new horizon for terminology analysis

We have developed systems which are capable of analyzing large volumes of data, such as text corpora or the Web itself. These enable us to identify terms and ideas that are of interest to you.

We are able to identify the terms that are used most often to explain a particular concept, as well as, hidden and unusual terms, such as expressions in slang or code (a particularly useful tool in interpreting intercepted communications).

Our method

Research on recurring terms

There are a number of levels on which this research can be carried out:

  • We are able to pinpoint the term most often used by a particular group of people to express a specific concept, such as the way in which thirty-something Californians have expressed the concept of “sports shoe” in English over the last 6 months.
  • We check that the terminology conforms to technical and legal norms and is consistent with the client’s communication policy.
  • In many cases, we are able to check the average emotional resonance a specific term has with the general public.

The objective statistical results obtained guarantee translations that are accurate and targeted. This is extremely efficient for the client’s marketing and technical terminology in general.

Research on hidden or unusual terms

Imagine having to decipher expressions in slang or in code, that are used deliberately to express or hide other meanings, for instance expressions used by teenagers who converse in private languages or by criminals who do not want to be understood.

If you need to search for specific terms or information, expressed in words that are unusual or difficult to decipher, our multilingual analysts can identify the relevant pieces of information from a huge mass of data or by using their social, cultural and geographic contexts. We can determine whether terms and expressions are being used normally or unexpectedly using analysis by keywords, related expressions and semantic fields. This approach can be used for rare languages and dialects, as well as more common languages. This research system is particularly useful for a client’s marketing analysis, in the interception of communications and in police intelligence systems.

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