Translation services for competitive bidding

Studio Moretto Group offers specialist translation services for businesses and public organisations taking part in competitive bidding.

Besides employing linguists with proven technical and legal skills our company has developed a thorough understanding of bidding contract subjects since we ourselves take part in competitive bidding for the conferment of translation services.

Thanks to this direct experience we have been able to familiarize ourselves with bidding procedures and we are aware of the difficulties that the bidder has to face, particularly when little presentation time is permitted and the translations must be urgently prepared.

We are proud to be by your side providing specialist translations for:

  • Calls for bids
  • Expression of interest
  • Specifications
  • Technical and administrative specifications
  • Competitive bidding rules
  • Official company registry office certificates
  • Deeds and charters of incorporation
  • Proxies and declarations
  • Provisional and final deposits and sureties
  • Certificates of labour compliance
  • Quality control system certificates
  • Technical and business proposals

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