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With over 20 years’ experience, our translation agency has developed SMG Finance, a highly specialised line of translation and interpretation services dedicated specifically to the world of business and finance. For 20 years we have been assisting consultancy firms, banks, insurance companies, professionals in the financial markets, and legal and finance offices of companies who require efficient services for business and financial translations as well as marketing, management and legal translations.

We employ trained in-house native speaker translators, who are fully aware of the crucial importance of their role. This means that we can produce professional financial translations, which we subject to rigorous checks in accordance with UNI EN 15038 and UNI 17.100 (European standard for the quality of translation services) . By employing professional in-house staff and respecting rigorous procedures, we ensure maximum confidentiality when handling information: SMG UK Translations Limited translates for the Defence, Courts and public institutions which require strict safety measures when handling secret and classified information.

We can certify our translations under official oath: if required. translations are sworn and certified by the relevant authorities, such as, as an esxample and depending on the nation where the service is rendered, the Court (solemn affirmation) or the Public Prosecutor’s office (legalisation procedure or the apposition of the Apostille of Hague),.


Linguistic support services for international contracts: translation of announcements, disciplinary actions, meeting minutes, offers and business documents, which can also be carried out urgently, as is often needed when you participate in a tender invitation.  Whatever the nation in which you must present your offer, we can also provide a sworn financial translation service, which is certified by our officially recognised translators.

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Professional translation service of risk policies, illustrative material for investment funds, pension funds and other insurance products. This linguistic support is the result of years of work for insurance companies and public insurance institutions.

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Translation service for banking, specifically for forms and internal practices, contracts, Foreign Office documents, banking procedure manuals, leaflets and other technical material and information about banking institutions.  Our ability to complete financial translations with a matter of urgency, in the space of a few hours, is very useful and is done is such a way as to satisfy even your most urgent and unplanned demands.

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Specialised translation service of financial statements, public, banking and insurance financial statements conforming to international terminology.  SMG has developed extensive terminology bases on financial and budgetary matters, such as to ensure a high level of consistency with the standard terminology of the sector, and therefore reduce the time and cost of production of translations to the advantage of its international clientele.

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As a testament to our quality, SMG takes pride in its experience as a translation agency serving some of the largest market supervisory authorities and asset management companies: this has enabled our company to develop an extensive terminology and expertise in financial topics.

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Professional translation service of your contracts and, in particular, of commercial and financial contracts: the high service quality is certified by the UNI EN ISO 9001, UNI EN 15.038 and ISO 17.100 certifications. An integral component of our economic-financial linguistic support is punctual delivery, which gives the customer the certainty that the predetermined deadlines will be respected and that interaction with foreign partners will be carried out without delay.

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Special translation services for foreign business correspondence, completed in just a few hours, or even in real time.  This multilingual support has satisfied the most demanding customers, thanks to the timely delivery, considerable number of languages offered, and the availability of the SMGDesk web platform, which allows a rapid exchange and organisation of the economic and financial correspondence translated into a foreign language.

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Translations of property surveys, cadastral documents and real estate purchase and sale deeds and property in general. The assistance of technical interpreters in situ is also available, to assist you in case of negotiations, real estate evaluations, and inspections.  It is important to emphasise that SMG has gained translation experience in the construction field, working for some of the major European manufacturers.

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Translation service of the minutes of shareholders meetings, training manuals, due diligence, quality manuals, operating procedure manuals, business plans, analyses and all technical and economic documents to support the management activities of a company or public body.   Over the years, SMG has become the reference translation agency for large, important companies listed on the stock exchange and this has allowed the company to understand their complex linguistic needs, even in the context of profound reorganisation action.

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Our linguistic support for marketing includes, for example, the translation of illustrative leaflets, brochures, advertising material and questionnaires.  Here the financial-economic translation service aids your international marketing, assisted by the strong presence in our offices of highly qualified native translators and able to understand the communication needs that come into play when you approach nations and peoples with different cultures.


When you need the validation of translations or authentication of documents for abroad, we provide professional sworn services and validation such as affidavits and legalisation.  Our economic-financial translations may thus be officially presented to authorities that require them to be sworn, whatever the country of destination of the texts or the language required.

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The main languages we translate, aside from English

Even if the most requested financial translations are still those in English (British English and American English), SMG supports the internationalisation of enterprises, by offering the following languages through its translators:

  • all the European languages, including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch or Polish;
  • Business translation services in Russian;
  • Commercial translation in the main Asian languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Korean and Japanese;
  • Chinese: financial translation in Chinese is particularly strategic for our Group. We carry out this service by making use of highly qualified staff so that we can guarantee our client that linguistic precision which is often lacking in business communications with China.

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