Translation service for magazines

Language support for the promotion of culture and the local area

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) provides translation and revision services specifically for the translation of magazines into foreign languages.
Our dedication to the world of linguistics enables us to create publishing translations which are faithful and yet at the same time, convey the tone of the original text. We can also suggest some socio-cultural adaptations to our customers.

Today, the translation of magazines and periodical publications has taken on a key role in the promotion of the local area, tourism and specific commodities sectors. Our company employs in-house translators and editorial review procedures which are indispensable to the provision of a service of high linguistic quality.

Our decades of experience in translating magazines and periodicals includes the following areas:

  • Tourism and the promotion of the local area
  • Art and culture
  • Customs and society
  • Food and wine
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Natural sciences
  • Production and industry

Our offices will be available to help identify the most appropriate writing guidelines for the translation of your magazines based on the characteristics of the target market.

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