Translation service for the entertainment industry

Film, radio and television translations

To support an increasingly international entertainment industry, SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) and the societies of Studio Moretto Group provide professional, high quality language assistance in more than 80 languages.

Our translation offices are staffed by native speaker personnel. Our staff follow a continuous training and development course, both in the subject of technical language, and in terms of raising awareness in order to create reasoned and expressive translations. Our professional commitment aims primarily to produce translations which are in no way literal, but full of the meanings and mood of the original text.

The service covers:

  • Cinema and TV: translation services, dubbing and subtitling for films, documentaries and television programs, support of simultaneous interpreters for TV broadcasts and language assistance for film industry contracts;
  • Radio: interpretation and translations for radio programs;
  • Theatre: translation of scripts and theatre books.

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