Translations for the metallurgy sector

Our translation services for the metallurgy industry are specifically tailored for providing foreign language translations of technical and scientific texts in the following areas:

  • foundry and steel in general
  • ironworks (iron and its alloys, steel and cast iron)
  • aluminium metallurgy
  • copper metallurgy
  • heat treatments (annealing, normalizing, hardening, tempering, etc.)

Language services for metal processing. The assistance of our native speaker translators and interpreters facilitates verbal communication and the editing of technical documentation in a foreign language, relating to:

  • molding
  • casting
  • metal working (forging, rolling, turning and milling)
  • welding
  • finishing with abrasives
  • sheet-metal working
  • carpentery

Some of our satisfied clients:

Our Glossary for the Metallurgy Sector

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