A professional and close-knit team

Studio Moretto Group Srl relies on a close-knit team of employees and freelancers, in-house and remote, distributed around our various offices and departments, who work in the various services we offer, ranging from translation to marketing.

The SMG workforce includes interns, employees, freelancers, sales reps and affiliates.



Studio Moretto Group regularly organises internship programmes in the following business areas, which serve to identify and train potential employees:

  • Translation and interpreting
  • Project management
  • HR management
  • Marketing and sales
  • Administration and accounting

The translation and communication centres at Studio Moretto Group Srl offer training courses lasting from 2 to over 12 months at our headquarters in Brescia (Italy), London (UK), Madrid (Spain) and Lima (Peru), with the objective of forming new talent. The training courses offer hands-on experience of the practicalities of the world of work, with the constant support of expert coaches.

For more information,

contact our Human Resources Department at stage@smglanguages.com

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Collaboration upon request for occasional projects. We select exclusively expert translators and interpreters, with solid language skills. Our Human Resources Department will only consider applications sent to hr@smglanguages.com.


Direct employment

Direct employment and collaboration with a fixed monthly wage and set working hours, in our offices or remotely. Notices are reserved for expert candidates. Candidates are invited to follow the instructions provided in the competition notices published on LinkedIn and other specialist platforms and to refer exclusively to our Human Resources Department by writing to hr@smglanguages.com.


Sales representatives

Studio Moretto Group is looking for agents and sales representatives to promote SMG services to clients and licensees who develop and manage local agencies, to help us grow and to identify and seize the biggest opportunities in their region.

We offer the best candidates a free course on how to promote SMG services and successful participants will receive a contract that guarantees:

  • Fixed compensation for the first 2 months
  • Commissions on sales
  • PC, telephone and company car for visiting clients

Take part in the presentation of SMG opportunities at our offices: send your CV to strategichr@smglanguages.com by the 15th of the month.


Occasional sales leads

SMG presents the Sales Lead Programme (PSC): anyone who generates the sale of a translation or interpreting service, receives a commission of 20% of the value purchased by the client!

If you believe that we are the right company for a friend or an acquaintance who needs translation or interpreting services, you can recommend us: ask them to request a quote on our website including your name and surname followed by the PSC Lead code in the form/e-mail. This will entitle the client to an automatic discount and we can trace the order back to your lead.

After the customer has placed the order, send an email to admin@smglanguages.com indicating the sale you generated, your name, surname, address, tax code and bank details for the transfer that will be made when the client sends final payment.

(Note: no commissions shall be paid on orders from existing clients, orders from www.translationoutlet.com and orders that fail to mention you as lead generator).


Local agency affiliation

Studio Moretto Group offers affiliate programmes to both established language centres and first-time professionals, enabling professional growth with the support of a leading brand.

The Central Headquarters of Studio Moretto Group provides its affiliates with a dedicated software package, know-how, training, marketing tools, sales coverage and support in making continuous improvements to production quality.

Anyone interested in affiliation is invited to contact the Directorate General of Studio Moretto Group at the number indicated in the contacts.