Outsourcing of translation and linguistic project management

Why is it a good idea to outsource the translation and project management of your foreign market information to our centers?

  • Reputation: we are outsourcers with an established reputation with major and minor clients all over the world.
  • Budget: we have variable, non-fixed costs. We work with external suppliers and only provide the individual services that you require when you require them and on the basis of our quotes.
  • 24/7: our worldwide network of offices manages communication and translation projects twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Multilingual: we translate and manage projects in over 80 languages, including rare European, African, and Asian languages.
  • Local presence: our offices give you direct help in numerous countries of the world, offering all the expertise that comes from first hand experience with the local culture.
  • Global Management: we take care of all aspects of foreign communication including multilingual contents, localized graphics, and multimedia publication.

We provide support to managers who are looking to achieve better results and reduce costs of translation, printing, multimedia publishing and international communication. SMG provides and over 30 years of experience to help you organise your budget, achieve your objectives or manage language service providers.

Comprehensive project management service

Studio Moretto Group provides a complete language project management service, from the request to the delivery of the finished product. Our dedicated Project Managers provide 24/7 support and coordinate all the personnel assigned to each stage of the process: from translation and quality control to graphic layout and publication in all audiovisual formats.


We can identify the most suitable translators, editors and DTP experts for your needs from among the hundreds of collaborators in our offices around the world. If you already have your own trusted language staff and freelancers, we can also manage and coordinate their activities to make them more efficient, without you having to outsource language services.


Our SMGDesk platform gives you free 24/7 access to your account, where you can check the status of the requested jobs, change the details and/or send new orders and quote requests quickly and securely.


In addition, the extensive translation memories we have built up over the years and the use of state-of-the-art CAT tools mean that we can retrieve content over time, which ensures that we maintain a high and uniform level of terminological accuracy in all your translations.