Confidneciality and handling of classified information in translation and interpreting services

Studio Moretto Group, its subsidiaries and branches (including SMG UK Translations Limited) provide language services, translation and interpreting servicces using systems and procedures that ensure the correct handling of inforamtion classified as confidential, highly confidential, secret and top secret.

The data security system is described in detail in the Confidentiality and Operational Continuity Plan available to the client upon request to SMG.

For all its translation and interpreting servies, SMG processes, stores and saves the information acquired through a system of technologies and procedures developed to reduce the risk of loss and theft of information in various risk scenarios which include, for example: backup measures, measures to control access to offices and disaster recovery procedures.

SMG project managers entrusted with the coordination of translation and interpreting services, also oversee the processing of classified information, to ensure it complies with the following provisions:

  • SMG’s corporate protocol Confidentiality and Operational Contingency Plan.
  • National regulations on information security, applied by both SMG and the client countries.
  • Client supplementary clauses, as listed in the tender specifications, if any.
  • Special provisions on the management of information classified as confidential, highly confidential, secret and top secret.
  • Confidentiality clauses in employment and freelancing contracts.

Procedures for handling classified information

Confidentiality and protection of personal data

Aware of its responsibilities in handling the information it obtains, SMG guarantees the utmost confidentiality in all its linguistic, translation and interpreting services through use of its special internal data security system.

As a provider for the Armed Forces, SMG uses special systems and procedures for producing confidential and secret documents.


Ordinary security procedure

  • Material and all documentation provided by clients containing classified information can only be accessed by the personnel responsible. Said personnel have been properly trained and informed about data handling and the risks involved.
  • Paper materials are stored inside a special fireproof safe, housed in a safety deposit room;
  • Digital material is handled by means of computer systems which are accessible only to persons with the corresponding access credentials;
  • Protection on the Internet through the use of firewalls and anti-virus software;
  • Three backup systems: on disc, redundant servers and through remote backup, offering fast data recovery. The company also has Disaster Recovery procedures.


Security Clearance Procedures

For the handling of information classified as onfidelcial, highly confidencial, secret or top secret, the client may require the use of personnel with Security Clearance and a corporate structure with Industrial Security Clearance.


Extraordinary Security Procedure

This procedure applies to translation and interpreting services for which the client requires extraordinary measures and is aware that such measures involve longer implementation times and higher costs. The application of this procedure requires the approval of a specific timing and cost estimate. The management of work subject to this procedure is the responsibility of SMG’s Extraordinary Security Officers. The description of this procedure, access to systems, data and information that they deal with is reserved for the personnel responsible.