We are proud to present SMG Defence, SMG Languages’ special line of translation and interpretation services dedicated to the arms and defence industry.

Translation staff

In addition to preferring translators who operate in this specific field, or who have been employed by the Armed Forces our linguistics work alongside engineers who are experts in the respective technical aspects of the translations.

Our glossaries

We have developed the following in house terminology databases to provide our translators with over 4,000 verified technical terms.

Translation and verification

Our translations are verified using quality checks in compliance with UNI EN standards 10.574 and 15.038 (Proofreading) and ISO 17.100. Classified information is handled in accordance with procedures for managing confidential, highly confidential, secret and top secret data.

Our prestigious clients

Our glossary of Firearms terms

Over the years, Studio Moretto Group has collected technical terminology from the arms sector in order to maintain a glossary that helps to improve the linguistic accuracy of translations for the defence and arms manufacturers The multilingual translation and interpreting services offered by SMG thus become an absolutely accurate tool to support the internationalisation of our customers.

The terminology for the arms sector developed by SMG is now available by requesting a copy of the Firearms and Defence Glossary : this glossary contains hundreds of terms ranging from the names of weapons, their technical components, up to tactical terminology. It covers the main terms relating to firearms, such as machine guns (portable or fixed), rifles and shotguns of various kinds, pistols, grenade launchers, ammunition, explosives and smoke bombs, as well as bladed weapons, anti-aircraft systems and sights.

A blast from the past: where our passion for arms comes from

SMG Languages translation agency has a special connection to the world of weaponry: its founder Luca Moretto’s passion for antique arms. A lifelong lover of history, Luca was lucky enough to be the nephew of antique arms collector Walter Tonolini, who introduced him to the study of the subject and whetted his imagination by giving him some “old irons” so that he could start cleaning them and fantasising. Imagine a child’s joy upon receiving a crate absolutely packed full of ancient gun barrels from his uncle, gunlocks and pieces of armour… it was like a dream! At the age of 12, a great opportunity came along: Luca became the little apprentice of Enrico Bertasi, the restorer at the Luigi Marzoli Museum of Antique Arms in Brescia and the Beretta Museum in Gardone V.T. The passion was now in full swing: there was no turning back!

Luca Moretto’s respect for arms and his unwavering desire to provide translation services to the major arms manufacturers in his local area of Brescia have been the driving force behind SMG Languages’ involvement in the world of translation services for the arms and defence sector, to the extent that some of the world’s leading industrial players and numerous General Staff now number among its clients.

It is a story that began with the remains of a large collection of arms and that continues today in the pride we take in translating for this sector, one that is so rich in history, culture and passion.

Our translations for the arms and defence industries are supported in Italy by the Licence pursuant to Art. 28 TULPS!

This authorisation proves that the translations produced by our linguists comply with the highest industry standards, adhere to confidentiality regulations and ensure a high level of terminological accuracy.

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