Electronic layout, DTP

Studio Moretto Group’s Desktop Publishing (DTP) service involves designing the layout of commercial texts, technical and advertising documents in the digital format requested by the client.
“Layout” is understood to mean the assembly of texts and illustrations provided by the client or produced by Studio Moretto Group using specific Writing and Illustration services.

In addition to the creation of layouts from scratch, we offer the correction and adaptation of already existing pages.

Our DTP is a particularly useful solution for the production of foreign language or multilingual documents, insofar as it enables clients to receive a turnkey service, resulting in a layout ready for printing. The expertise and experience of our DTP Department allows us to manage different layout problems with confidence, independent of the rarity of the language and of the digital format chosen by the client.

Is page-setting taking you too long? Are you finding it too hard to insert foreign language text in your graphics?

We have the perfect solution for you!

Our specialist editors will take care of inserting the translations directly into your graphic formats, so that your texts are ready to be sent to your target audience.

Translations in HTML, AutoCad, InDesign and other programs

We provide foreign language translations in the electronic formats required by clients, both in Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
SMG work by writing in the main editing and publishing programmes. For example, if you have written a manual or catalogue in English using the InDesign programme and you wish to have it translated in French, all you have to do is provide us with the InDesign file in English and you will receive the French translation from us in the original InDesign format.
This innovative service saves the client time and money by avoiding the long process of importing texts.

Special translation services

  • Excel spreadsheets.
  • PowerPoint presentations.
  • Access Databases.
  • AutoCAD technical drawings, especially in Russian, English and German.
  • Manuals and catalogues using InDesignFrameMakerPageMakerPublisherQuark-XPressIllustrator.
  • Websites and texts for the internet using Corel DrawFreeHand and Flash.
  • Files in the client’s programming language such as HTMLSGMLXML orPHP.
  • Machine assisted translation using the main CAT ToolsSDLTradosTransitWordfastAcross and Déjà Vu

Below we list some examples of problems we deal with every day:

  • Resizing translated text to keep it within the limits of the page layer in which it must be inserted. In fact, the length of the translated text can vary considerably compared to the original, depending on the language;
  • Insertion of texts in a foreign language which require the identification and use of special fonts;
  • The management of character encoding according to the various international standards for the correct display of texts, as often occurs for many oriental languages;
  • Orientation of the texts: management of possible reversal of the order of reading, as occurs with Arabic, which is read right to left, or Japanese, which is read top to bottom, and the consequent adaptation of the layout.
  • SMG has advanced systems for editing PDFs and images.
  • Our Publishing Department works alongside the linguists to ensure that page layout is true to the original, manage the oddities of formatting between different languages and competently supports the development of graphic publications and documents.


Whatever the language, the chosen digital format and your context of communication, SMG can assist you, formatting texts and illustrations for a successful result.

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