Foreign services for communication agencies and enterprises

Are you a communication agency or a company looking for a foreign partner able to localize an image or a concept for a distant market? SMG can help you!

Creating illustrations and images for overseas markets means eliciting emotions in people who think and dream according to paradigms and mental processes different from our own and often the total opposite. The key to successful visual communication for foreign countries is, in our opinion, the close involvement of professionals who live and work abroad everyday. The engagement of our foreign offices and of specialist partners in the creation process is the tool we use to achieve this vision. And to offer a complete turnkey service, the same processes are also used for our printing abroad service.


We create advertising graphics with the support of designers based in the target countries: the best way to create images with truly local appeal.


We create technical illustration elements, such as drawings, exploded-view drawings, diagrams, symbols and photographs to accompany the text in technical documentation. For more information on our technical writing services, go to our technical writing page.


We provide photographic services and photo editing to support your communication strategy.

Coordinated graphics

For your sales campaigns, rebranding your business, or more simply for events notification, choose our  coordinated graphics services. And if you have an international project in development, call our offices for a localised image consultation for your target market.

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