We can write article in foreign languages because our multilingual personnel is experienced and qualified

Article writing in line with the target culture

The native-speaking journalists and copywriters at our worldwide offices write specialised and popular articles, drawing on their many years of experience and carefully considering your needs.

Attentive communication with the client is essential if a service is to be effective: that is why we give you the opportunity to provide us with the information we need to write the articles through interviews with our jounalists in person or over the telephone; otherwise, if you prefer, you can leave it to our copywriters.

The language expertise fostered allows us to write multilingual articles in:

  • Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and other western languages;
  • Russian or in national languages of the post-soviet states such as Ukrainian, Uzbek, Kazakh or Georgian.
  • Arabic, in the different local variations, such as Egyptian, Algerian or Arabic of the Arab Emirates.
  • Chinese, Japanese and other languages of the Far East.


Article writing is a marketing strategy consisting in, as the name suggests, writing articles for your business (corporate, handicraft, or other) and publishing them for advertising purposes using the media (printed press or the Internet). Specifically, this activity falls within the area of web writing and, more specifically still, the area of Internet article marketing, with reference to the writing of articles and publishing of advertising content on the Internet with a view to optimising the positioning of a corporate website in search engine.

Article marketing is a specific field that deals with the promotion of company content and much more, by sending out press releases and informative articles to suitable web platforms. The final aim of these editing activities is to assist the progress of SEO campaigns based on link building in order to improve the positioning of a site on search engines while promoting products and/or the user services.

Studio Moretto Group offers clients the chance to increase the number of visits and the reputation of their websites by publishing articles related to client activities on journalism sites and blogs in the sector.

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