Interpreters for business trips and technical/business negotiations

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) provides business interpreting services making its professional interpreters available for liaison interpreting in Italy and abroad.

The liaison interpreter assists the client with face to face business negotiations, discussions at international trade fairs and visits to foreign clients: the interpreter is therefore a linguistic assistant who facilitates communication between someone selling a product or service and someone who intends to buy it.

The liaison interpreter also has the important function of cultural mediator i.e. aiding the client beyond the simple translation demonstrating the uses and customs of the other party and actively helping them with communication.

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What advantages does the liaison interpreter offer:

Avoids errors.

Professional interpreting is an unquestionable guarantee for successful communication and avoids dangerous misunderstandings. Often, businesses use a professional interpreter even if they already know the foreign language since professional help allows them to concentrate on what to say rather than how to say it.


Actively helps the business venture.

Although the liaison interpreter is only an interpreter and does not have the same responsibilities as a businessman or legal consultant, the interpreter’s contribution to the client’s business is considerable. If required, the liaison interpreter can advise the client on how to approach the foreign culture or the various situations that can arise from a business trip or negotiation.


Understands your product and business.

It is important to establish a firm relationship of trust with your interpreter, instructing him/her on your product, the background and the aims of the negotiation so that the interpreter becomes a proactive member of your team’s mission.


Allows you to take your time in a negotiation.

The interpretation makes the discussion time longer and allows you to assess the dynamics of the negotiation with greater detachment. For example, the technical time needed for interpretation avoids having to respond immediately to a question, whereas it is expected when you are speaking directly to the other party.


A sign of respect towards your interlocutor.

The involvement of a professional interpreter who facilitates communication in the foreign language is a sign of courtesy towards the client and good business organisation which has taken the care to provide the service.

Our Business Liaison Interpreting Services are available in the following countries:


business interpreting service for meetings in Italian cities and in the main trade fair centres of Milan, Brescia, Rome, Bergamo, Bologna, Verona, etc.;



interpreters to assist you in business directly in the main British cities such as London, Liverpool or Glasgow;



business/linguistic support of professional interpreters in the main American cities such as Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, New York or San Francisco;



the professional aid of our native speaker French interpreters;


Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

business interpreters directly available at the locations.

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