When simultaneous interpreting is whispered

SMK UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) provides Chuchotage interpreting, i.e. the aid of simultaneous interpreters who do not speak into a microphone but whisper the translation into the listener’s ear in real time, while the speaker is speaking.

It should be highlighted that the quality of translation is not as good as that of simultaneous translation since the interpreter is disturbed by noises in the room and cannot distantly hear the voice of the speaker because it is covered by the sound of the interpreter’s own voice as he/she translates.

How many interpreters are needed?

This is a solution that is only recommended for meetings with a limited number of listeners as an interpreter can whisper the translation to a maximum of 2 people and when multiple interpreters are hired at the same time to aid other listeners, the noise in the room could disturb the other people. The cost of a large number of interpreters would probably justify using the traditional simultaneous interpreting with a soundproof booth for one interpreter who translates for all the participants.

What technology is needed?

This interpreting technique provides the client with the translation without needing to set up a soundproof booth or special systems for traditional simultaneous interpreting with significant savings in terms of space, cost and time.

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