Conference interpreters for delayed translation

SMG UK Translations Limited’s (SMG UK) consecutive interpreting services are the professional solution for conferences, meetings and negotiations where simultaneous interpretation is not needed (while the speaker is speaking) and a delayed translation is sufficient (after the speaker has spoken).

What is consecutive interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting must not be confused with simultaneous interpreting (where the interpreter translates while the speaker is speaking) over which it has the significant advantage of not requiring any particular equipment except a microphone for the interpreter. The disadvantage of this kind of interpreting is that the speaking time is doubled since the interpreter’s speech has to follow that of the speaker.

How many interpreters are needed?

Consecutive interpretation can be taken on by a single interpreter maintaining a reliable level of quality for up to two hours work, after which it is highly recommended that a second interpreter is used or a break is provided for. At a conference this can simply be the coffee break.

What technology is needed?

Ensure that there is a microphone for the interpreter to project the translation around the room and so that the interpreter can clearly hear the voice of the speaker, i.e. without being too far away or close to him/her. It is recommended that the interpreter sits near the speaker, for example on the same stage for conferences.

Where is our consecutive interpreting service available?

  • Italy: Consecutive interpreters in Milan, Brescia, Bergamo, Florence, Rome , Genoa, Bologna and in all the other cities
  • UK: consecutive interpreters in London, York, Birmingham and Cambridge
  • USA: language assistance in consecutive interpreting from Washington to Seattle
  • France: consecutive interpreting for conferences in French not only in Paris
  • Germany, Austria and Switzerland: consecutive interpreting service for the countries bordering Germany, France and Italy

How to order our consecutive interpreting service?

Just contact our offices and:

  • Tell us the place, date, time, programme of events and translation languages needed.
  • Provide information and reference material on the subject matter (speaker’s report, etc.) so that the interpreters can adequately prepare in advance. Plan a briefing or telephone appointment to instruct the interpreters on the details of the event as this greatly increases the effectiveness of the service.
  • Indicate the type of approach you wish the interpreter to take: according to the type or audience and the subject matter of the event, good communication can even request a specific register (calm, friendly, authoritative, breezy) and a specific attitude on stage, precisely because good communication is not purely based on words but on the way they are transmitted.

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