Our technical writing skills make your technical documentation accurate and useful, in all foreign languages

SMG assists clients in writing and preparing their multilingual technical documentation by using its own professional technical writers and systems for efficient technical content management.


Our technical writers

Our technical writers have years of experience drafting technical documents in various fields of engineering. Whatever language you need, we have expert technical writers around the world, too: with native-speaking technical writers – for example British and American English – abroad, we can be of prompt assistance to clients.

The process consists in an initial stage, in which the technical writers study the operation of the product by consulting the client and obtaining any available material, followed by writing of the technical documents on the client’s premises or at our technical writing offices. The final stages of the process involve checking and validation by the client.

The writing process is agreed with the client according to their requirements: the instructions and agreements on the completion of the service are recorded in the Writing Guide, continuously updated and available to the client.


Content management systems

SMG uses innovative information systems that offer the following benefits:

  • Multilingual content management: we use systems for localising projects in numerous languages and formats. Translation is carried out with the help of computer-assisted translation tools.
  • Technical illustration: we facilitate the understanding of documents using clear and explanatory technical drawings, photographs and diagrams.
  • Multichannel communication: what if a maintenance technician could read the manual as an e-book or search multiple documents online in real time? The publishing of projects in the most modern digital formats ensures complete content usability.
  • Systems integration: we can use the client’s software or recommend the introduction of suitable Content Management System (CMS) to meet client needs.
  • Modular structuring of technical content, for more effective communication.
  • Our writing staff can work on the client’s CMS and our IT personnel will happily advise you on the most suitable CMS to meet your needs.


Cutting-edge Web technology

Writing documents in the most up-to-date Web formats ensures continuous, effective and targeted usability of your content by users all over the world. Moreover, with the cost of printing and circulating paper copies eliminated, it is clearly a more cost-effective approach for you.

Training clients to do their own technical writing

If you would rather employ technical writers in your own Technical Office or improve the skills of employees already working at your company, please ask; we will happily develop bespoke training courses for you.

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