How we produce translations of AutoCAD designs in over 160 languages

With SMG, clients can finally receive foreign language translations of their projects and technical designs directly in their original graphic format, such as AutoCAD.

For example, if you have a technical drawing in AutoCAD that you need translating into any one or more of up to 160 languages, all you have to do is send us the AutoCAD file.

We will deliver the perfect finished product in the same format and with a translation layout that exactly matches the original, with rapid turnaround times and access to suitable SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) for large files.

Technical description of our services

SMG uses an innovative system to translate technical drawings in AutoCAD.

We use a technology that can extract text from any type of technical drawing, which is then translated by our team of native language experts and then reinserted into the original file.

The combined use of computer assisted translation (CAT) tools and our multilingual glossaries maintains uniformity in the terminology that is used in all AutoCAD translations, prevents typing errors, and facilitates the simultaneous management of several big projects.

This translation system means we can meet a target of hundreds of AutoCAD files a week, all in compliance with the ISO 17.100 quality standards.

Our AutoCAD experience

Our translation services for technical drawings produced in AutoCAD and other formats involve mainly:

  • Industrial technical drawings
  • Industrial installations, pipelines and power plants
  • Construction and architectural designs


Our translation services are available in all European and non-European languages, and include complex alphabets, such as Cyrillic, and oriental scripts, such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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