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Since 1996, Studio Moretto Group has offered specialised financial translation services provided by our expert SMG Finance team, which is made up of native-language interpreters with many years of experience in the field and with specific expertise in economics and finance.

We provide linguistic support to asset and wealth management companies, investment funds, banks and other financial intermediaries, asset management companies (SGR), securities brokerage firms (SIM) and all financial market supervisory authorities.

In an ever-expanding global market, financial operators have the opportunity to expand their businesses enormously by offering their financial instruments and services on international markets.

The strict legislation that regulates access and operations in these markets must absolutely be taken into consideration, and it is essential for anyone intending to embark on this path to comply with these regulations.

Operating in foreign markets requires compliance with specific customer disclosure requirements, including the translation of legally required documents into the official languages of the target countries.

Some examples:

  • The PRIIPs KID: a three-page summary document for retail investors, providing essential information about the financial product. It contains the objectives and risks of the investment, basic information about who manages the assets and details of who to contact with questions or complaints about the product itself.
  • The prospectus: a document that is less strictly regulated in terms of translation (depending on individual country requirements), which contains details about the issuer and the product and the associated risk levels.
  • The pre-contractual template: a document that contains all the pre-contractual information, all the questions and answers about what will be done in terms of investment when the contract is signed and, for companies that operate in Europe, it ensures compliance with all the sustainability requirements outlined in the EU SFDR (Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation).
  • The periodic report.
  • The fund fact sheet.
  • Communications to shareholders.
  • The initial public offering (IPO).
  • The documentation for mergers and acquisitions (M&A).
  • Compliance documents.

Our main clients

Translation memories and editing for financial texts

To ensure accurate translations of documents for financial markets, the translators must have completed prior specific training on these regulations, such as the SFDR, and, more generally, they must have comprehensive knowledge of sector-specific terminology, in an industry that is full of regulations with pre-established standard wording.
Using these syntactic and conceptual constructs is a fundamental requirement for accessing foreign financial markets. It standardises documentation to facilitate understanding for customers and limits the information asymmetry that is an inherent problem in these markets.

Another key tool employed by Studio Moretto Group for  its clients’ financial translations is our extensive translation memories developed over nearly thirty years in the industry. Using these memories prevents errors, particularly relating to pre-established standard wording that can and must be replicated exactly over time.

Another aspect that makes translating texts for the financial markets very complex is the difficulty of having to work within predefined templates that can also vary from one country to another. The SMG team is prepared to meet these kinds of challenges and our specialist editors will provide support also for formatting financial texts.

Maximum security for financial translations

Another crucial aspect for the translation of financial documents is the management of sensitive content.
For this reason, SMG is also specialised in translating and managing texts containing information classified as “Confidential”, “Highly Confidential”, “Secret” and “Top Secret” (C, HC, S, TS) or texts protected by NATO qualifications or equivalent classifications in other countries.

In addition, our contracted clients can use SMG Desk, our internal platform where they can directly upload their content, which prevents files and texts from circulating in systems beyond the company’s control, thereby protecting against unauthorised access by third parties.

Finally, both our in-house and freelance translators are always bound by a non-disclosure agreement and are obliged to follow our strict internal confidentiality and quality control procedures. In fact, our services are ISO 9001:15 and UNI EN ISO 17100 certified.

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