Translations of managerial texts

Language services for international companies

Our translation services for the business management facilitate communication in a foreign language in multinational companies, or more generally, communication on the management of the various functions of the company.

Being able to understand a technical management text or a sensitive internal document is essential for those who have to make difficult decisions quickly. Therefore, the translation service must be accurate and fast, with a high degree of flexibility. SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK) is a multinational company and therefore is fully aware of the crucial importance of these requirements.

Examples of texts that we translate regularly:

  • Human resources: translation of union documents and guides for staff training, including the creation of educational and motivational videos with subtitles or dubbing in foreign languages;
  • Legal and financial documents: translation of financial statements, contracts, business plans, due diligence, feasibility analysis and management reports;
  • Quality: translation of manuals about quality management, guides on operational procedures and audit reports;
  • Company management: translation of the minutes of meetings, minutes of boards of directors and shareholders’ meetings.

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