Translation of contracts


Often the translation of a contract is so urgent that it may require the presence of a translator available to translate in real time, while your lawyer draws up the contract. In addition, the interpretation of particular legal concepts in foreign or international law, of the customs and of the intentions that lie behind the words, the translator also needs to be a competent language adviser.

At any time, one of our Project Managers will be available to manage your requests immediately. The Project Manager coordinates our in-house translators who will study and translate your contract. The staff will work on texts in teams, each with its own area of expertise and in sufficient numbers to ensure that the work progresses smoothly.

The competence of our expert legal translators and flexible work organisation allow us in many cases to begin the translation within 15 minutes of the order and proceed quickly, engaging staff over multiple shifts.

And when you need a language adviser to analyse together certain technical and linguistic aspects, you can immediately liaise with our experts, simply by contacting your Project Manager.

Distinguished clients have used our legal translation services, such as Pirelli and Siemens, as well as small businesses and private citizens. We offer our commitment and great flexibility to each and every one of our clients.
The use of official professional translators allows us, upon request, to provide sworn translations with assumption of responsibility.

The main types of contract translated:

  • Translation of contracts for commercial distribution: agency, representation and franchising contracts;
  • Translation of provisional agreements and contracts for the purchase and sale of property, goods and vehicles, including availability of legal interpreters in the case of notary deeds and negotiations;
  • Translation of contracts for mortgages, leases, loans and rentals;
  • Translation of corporate contracts (shareholders’ agreements, contracts for the sale of shares, etc.);
  • The translation of work contracts and labour agreements.

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