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The editing, translation and communication companies in our group provide special international SEO services using expert native-speaking staff for the markets where clients wish to present their products and ideas.

We boast editorial experience in the sector since 1996 and our offices worldwide enable us to meet demands for any language and geographical area.

SEO: what we do for our clients

Keyword research

  • Clients specify the keywords and concepts that they want to emphasise on each website page.
  • We translate these words after a careful geosectorial and online benchmarking analysis.
  • We suggest some cultural adaptations for the local market.

Creation of website content and metatags

We translate websites content by optimising it on the basis of the keywords and strategic concepts. In addition to the texts, we also optimise the metatags and the markup elements (such as tag titles and metatag descriptions) that can contribute to web positioning. In fact, simply translating the pages of a website accessed by foreign clients is not enough; many other elements (such as metatag, alt img, etc.), need to be managed by translating them in a logical and professional manner. How do we guarantee top quality? The native speaker translators at our worldwide offices have specific skills in this sector and experience the local market on a daily basis.


To improve site positioning on international markets, we can suggest some technical improvements to evaluate on a case by case basis with your hosting provider or web designer. For example:

  • Indexing via ccTDL, local hostings and XML Site Maps;
  • Optimisation of codes;
  • Formatting of titles, bold fonts and paragraphs;
  • Link building;
  • International support for your Press Office;
  • Blog, article marketing and social media marketing;
  • Newsletters.

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