Translators and interpreters for sporting events

SMG UK Translations Limited (SMG UK)’s sports translations sector provides translation services in foreign languages for the world of sport.
This business which began as a passion soon proved to be of great professional interest: in fact today sports translations in particular require considerable technical expertise and skills in dealing with the public. SMG UK is proud to have established one of the first specialised sections in the world dedicated entirely to this sector!
Our native speaker translators are experts in sports, able to translate quickly and accurately sports articles, press releases, competition rules and all correspondence that is necessary for a sports club.
Our pool of professional sports interpreters provides language assistance to teams and sports federations during meetings and press conferences in Italy and abroad. Interpretation can be executed in simultaneous or consecutive mode, with the provision of the technical equipment necessary.

The range of language services

  • Sports translations in just a few hours
  • Correction of old translations
  • Text transcription
  • Certified and sworn translations
  • Dubbing and subtitling of film footage
  • Interpreters for sporting events
  • Foreign language lessons

Some of our recent sports translations


  • Translation of press releases

Motor sports

  • Interpreters service for live television
  • Translation of articles for car magazines


  • Interpreters for camps and games
  • Localisation of basketball sports sites


  • Simultaneous interpreting for interviews and live TV

Horse riding

  • Translation of saddlery equipment catalogues
  • Production of texts for farm holiday websites


  • Interpreters for press conferences

Water polo

  • Interpreting for games
  • Translation of game regulations


  • Translation of articles for rugby magazines


  • Translation of tennis equipment catalogues


  • Localisation of websites for sailing

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