Translation services for the textile and clothing industry

Technical and marketing texts for the textile and clothing industry require careful attention to terminology and the expressiveness of the images evoked. Therefore, the translation of such texts requires a high level of precision and a tenor which is appropriate for the client’s message.

In order to achieve this, many professional specialists are involved in our translation process; a team of technical translators, revisers, editors and terminology researchers work in our offices to produce texts of exceptional quality in foreign languages.

The fruit of this teamwork is a professional translation service, specifically designed for the textile and fashion sector companies who work with other countries.

The main types of text that we translate:

  • Textile machine manuals
  • Catologues of textiles, yarns and fabrics
  • Fashion catalogues for men, women and children’s clothing
  • Fashion magazines

Some of our clients

Our Glossary for the Clothing Industry

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Where does our competence in translating for the fashion industry come from?

Translating for fashion means combining attention to detail with strong expressive momentum. Translating for fashion means, above all, telling the story of human beings and their emotions, which find their complete artistic expression in the poetics of clothing, accessories and all the creations that make the appeal of fashion so vital and irresistible. Translating for fashion means giving a voice to art, psychology and poetry, in short, to all those discourses that humankind engages in about itself and that add value to our existence.

This is why our translation agency has chosen, intellectually and with feeling, to dedicate itself to fashion translation services. But there is more to the story, our history has led us to develop this sensitivity.

At the beginning of our activity as translators, we had the great fortune to work for some of the biggest fashion and design schools in Milan, such as IED, Domus Academy, NABA and Università dell’Immagine, right in the middle of the 90s, when the Milanese catwalks were going through an epochal transformation. We worked for photographers like Fabrizio Ferri and for a number of stylists we met on sets and at conferences. It was an extremely stimulating and, at the same time, a very difficult period, characterised by constant hard work along with great professional satisfaction.

As the years went by, it was perhaps also the geographical location of our studio that brought us into contact with both emerging and established companies in the fashion sector from Como, Milan and Veneto. At a certain point came 2019, the year of the successful acquisition of the long-standing translation agency Studio Interpreti Milano. This agency was a specialist in translation services for fashion, with clients of the calibre of Armani, Benetton and Sisley. It was the beginning of a new path, one filled with expertise, passion and ambition: a development that consolidated our presence in the world of translation services for fashion, with a dedicated office in Milan, where the pulse of the fashion industry has always been high!