Translation service for the lighting technology sector

One of the first sectors that our translation centre worked with was the lighting technology sector: already in the mid-90s, we were providing simultaneous interpretation services and written translation for lighting technicians in Milan and electro-technical companies that promoted this science which was still “emerging” back then. We emphasise the technicality of the sector while successfully conveying the tone. We focused our translation efforts on technical accuracy and on the evocative power of words while accompanying some of these companies along the path of development.
Today, we are present on the communications market with specialised translation services for the lighting technology and the energy industries, with translations that are certified to UNI EN 15.038  and ISO 17.100 standards.

  • Translation services for lighting technology manuals in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and many other European or Asian languages;
  • Preparing websites and evocative texts to market electrical engineering products, interior design projects, architecture and electrical engineering;
  • Simultaneous interpreters service for the design sector.

Our Glossary for Lighting Technologies

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