Translation services for the textile and clothing industry

Technical and marketing texts for the textile and clothing industry require careful attention to terminology and the expressiveness of the images evoked. Therefore, the translation of such texts requires a high level of precision and a tenor which is appropriate for the client’s message.

In order to achieve this, many professional specialists are involved in our translation process; a team of technical translators, revisers, editors and terminology researchers work in our offices to produce texts of exceptional quality in foreign languages.

The fruit of this teamwork is a professional translation service, specifically designed for the textile and fashion sector companies who work with other countries.

The main types of text that we translate:

  • Textile machine manuals
  • Catologues of textiles, yarns and fabrics
  • Fashion catalogues for men, women and children’s clothing
  • Fashion magazines

It is necessary to pay attention to specialist terminology when translating technical and marketing texts for the textile and clothing sectors. SMG can help you!


As a result of years of experience in this field, the terminology provided in our industry glossary guarantees a high level of accuracy in our translated texts.

How SMG supports companies in the textile sector when faced with international challenges

SMG offers professional translations in the textile field for companies in the manufacturing, clothing and fashion sectors. In this way, our customers can benefit from excellent communication with global partners, without any language barriers.

The textile sector, like the entire manufacturing industry, benefits from the removal of many trade barriers and faces the possibility of globalisation, entering new markets, such as that of the Far East. This is where the most common challenges of internationalisation arise, with one of them one of which is undoubtedly being the breaking down of overcoming language barriers.

SMG supports companies in the manufacturing and textile sectors by providing specialised translation services. In fact, our translation agency has considerable experience in the textile sector, having translated thousands of pages for sales contracts, clothing catalogues, instruction manuals for textile machines, product labels, and much more.

With SMG by your side, you can be sure that each translation has been carefully reviewed before delivery, therefore ensuring a high level of accuracy.

We customise the service according to your priorities: we carefully analyse the text required and we estimate a time frame for the translation, in order to ensure that each one is completed punctually. Based on these initial assessments, our project managers are able to propose solutions in response to your needs, as well as considering any information regarding your goals outlined in our correspondence.

The key factors that make SMG’s translation services professional and accurate are:

• The precise and objective manner in which we identify and select appropriate vocabulary;
• The availability of processes and technology required for quality control.
• The hard work and passion of our mother tongue translators, who are specialists in the textile industry.

If urgent translations are needed, inform SMG and they will organise a translation service as soon as possible.

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