What is transcreation? How does it help my brand?

Transcreation is a creative translation, in other words, it is the true translation of a concept, freed from the constraints of the form of the original language and localised according to the needs of the foreign audience. It is a language service that helps to advertise and sell goods and services in another country by conveying, through cultural and content adaptation, the emotions, feelings and implicit messages of the original texts.

These tricks by SMG make your message more effective with a foreign audience and optimise your communication investments, and ensure that you achieve significantly better commercial results than literal translation of content.

In technical terms we define the term transcreation as the fusion of the terms “translation” and “creativity”, which is true both terminologically and practically: our transcreation experts do not simply translate texts literally, but are free to develop, adapt and modify them creatively, so that the recipient receives and understands all the information that the client wants to communicate, in order to achieve their stated objective (to sell/advertise/inform etc.) while benefiting from communication targeted to the needs and expectations of the target audience.

The transcreation service can also be part of a broader project of localisation and adaptation of your content, which can include localisation of graphics and audiovisual content and cultural adaptation of existing translations.

Transcreation experts

Studio Moretto Group has a team of transcreation experts that also includes editors, terminologists, typesetters and multimedia experts who together can provide the complete service of  localisation of new and existing content for your commercial and advertising campaigns.

Given all of the above, it is clear that the transcreation service can only be performed by expert native translators who combine language experience and knowledge with a significant dose of creativity and inventiveness.
The transcreators must be highly experienced translators with a depth of knowledge of the target market and all the creative writing and marketing tools needed to draft and adapt the client’s content for foreign communication.

Promote your brand abroad with transcreation

“What is the best way to sell my products and services abroad?”

This is the question that many companies and professionals have to ask themselves when they want to expand their business abroad, and the answer is not obvious: it is often thought that it depends on what you have to sell, but you will be surprised to learn that to sell abroad it is not enough to have a clear idea of the characteristics of your product, its strengths and weaknesses and the needs it can satisfy; first and foremost, you need to know your target market.

This “detail” is all too often overlooked, and many people begin to communicate and promote their brand abroad by translating their advertising content literally, achieving results that are most often unsatisfactory and do not repay the investment made.

The reason for these poor results is not necessarily that the products and services are less appealing than those of local competitors, but that there is a lack of attention to the characteristics of the target market and the target consumers.  Very often, the international public is treated in the same way as the national public and, for this reason, many companies fail to penetrate foreign markets because they use communication that is not suited to the foreign target: they talk about things the target consumers do not understand or are not interested in, they use language that does not convey the same emotions, and so on.

If you want to achieve your business goals, you have to make sure that you adapt your content so that it speaks to the minds and hearts of people with cultural backgrounds, national identities and traditions different from our own, in some cases similar, but in others quite the opposite.  In any case, you must optimise efforts to maximise margins: the more efficient and effective the communication, the greater the sales and the lower the costs.

And this is precisely why transcreation is what you need!

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