Quality Certifications

UNI EN ISO 9001 Quality System and UNI EN 10 574/UNI EN 15.038/ISO 17100 certified services

The fact that we have obtained four international quality assurance certifications bears witness to the existence of working procedures shared by all of our companies and their ability to communicate with both large and small clients, providing solutions with speed, transparency and critical appraisal.

As a supplier of companies and institutions from the arms and defence sector, we also have special systems and procedures for managing information which is classified as restricted, confidential, secret and top secret.

Client Reviews

“The translations performed by SMG UK Translations have proved to be technically accurate, demonstrating an outstanding level of competence in the sector.”

“With delivery of even more than 100 pages in the space of 24 hours, we value the quality of the texts produced by SMG UK and their attentive service.”

Future Concept Lab Srl
“SMG UK Translations has provided us with accurate and punctual translations, wholly conveying the meaning and the spirit and emotional energy of the matter in hand.”