First question. Mr. Moretto, your company is one of the lucky ones, which despite the crisis, is increasing its turnover year after year. How have you achieved this so far? It is just luck or are you one of those tough self-made men? It may be blasé, but luck helps those who dare: I love challenges because I’m a man who looks to the future; I dive in head first because I like to get there right ahead of the others. I like to define myself as a “daring adventurer”: I never give up until I reach my goal. But I’m not rash: I only accept the challenges that carry a controllable risk. An analysis and in-depth knowledge of the sector and the market help me identify the adventures I can launch into with guaranteed success. Uncontrollable risks often tempt other businessmen, but a company is like a family: you can’t take on risks at the cost of others, and those “others” are the people dear to me and those I employ, as well as their families too.

Second question. How much is your rise to success down to your genius, luck or your simple wish to win? I owe everything to intuition and the fortune of having had, and still having intuition, as well as the will to win, which always keeps me on my toes.

Third question. How would you define genius? A combination of rationality and passion; a mix of of considered reasoning and the explosive strength of intuition.

Fourth question. Do you think a person is born a genius, or learns to become one? I think you’re born with it, and then learn to develop it.

Fifth question. What do you owe your staff for your achievements? Motivation. I am responsible for their lives and that drives me to give 100% and more.

Sixth question. There are many women in your life. Tell us a little of how your life is amid so many women? Wonderful and thrilling. Apart from my mother, who is strong and unique, I share my life with my wife, a hyperactive woman overflowing with enthusiasm, and my daughter, a smart and very sweet little girl and my biggest treasure, who lets me see the world through coloured glass. And then there those I love to call my “Charlie’s Angels”: my staff. In my offices, the majority are women: women think “out of the box”, are thorough, creative and pragmatic all at the same time. We also have many men in the offices and I have to say that the two elements work very well together, complimenting each other in their tasks.

Seventh question. Do you think Italy is a country that still offers opportunities for the young to follow their dreams? Yes, in fact I’m not going anywhere: I work with international clients, but the core of the business is Italian. Historically, Italy has always been a country skilled in innovation and re-invention, and will still give its young people the possibility of building a happy life.

Eighth question. What is your philosophy regarding the young? Our young people need to find the courage to react, to build a new Italy. They need to become cosmopolitan, detaching themselves from the silent parochialism in order to look to the future, drawing from our treasured history and learning from mistakes at times made by their parents, to avoid falling into the same trap. Initiative, a spirit of sacrifice and humility: these are the three key elements that I would ask from young people of today when they board my ship, so with them I can reach every port and face all seas without fear.

Ninth question. You started with translations, but over the years the product range has been expanded significantly. What lies behind this choice, and how has the market responded? Translation is communication. Without communication we can do nothing: we can’t chat, we can’t exchange information, we can’t do business and so on. Communicating with words is fundamental, but all other forms of language are important too, and so the step forward is short and essential to provide clients with an all-round service. The new products all belong to the area of communication and publicity, both in traditional and innovative terms. If clients want to go abroad, we help them to sell, find an office, agents or personnel, or even clients if they so wish; we translate all their correspondence, all manuals or contracts and help them with web marketing, graphics etc.
I have so say that the market response is good. I am very please that this perseverance has been rewarded with the loyalty of our clients.

Tenth question. Who is your hero, someone you’d like to emulate? The answer to that would be a long list of names: Our Lord, for his great charisma, and my father who is the kindest man I know.

Eleventh question. We know and can see from all departments in your office that you have a great passion for ancient history. How do you combine this love of the ancient world with all the technology you promote in your company? I think the two areas blend perfectly because in the past, just like today and in the future, man’s yearning for improving life is always present. I like to try and understand how and what drove men towards a specific discovery rather than another.

Twelfth question. How do you spend your free time? Do you own a yacht? No (laughing Ed. note), I have a canoe and venture solo on Lake Garda and Lake d’Iseo, in the solitude of those seeking to join Infinity, the Absolute. It gives me the chance to think, to reflect and question my choices: an “examination of conscience” that brings me some peace and serenity.

Thirteenth question. What are your goals for the future? To win To guide all those who wish to loyally follow me through the battles, day after day, meeting in the evening around a warm fire, to start up again the next morning after a good night’s sleep.

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